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Food Culture In Colonial Asia

RRP $287.99

Presenting a social history of colonial food practices in India, Malaysia and Singapore, this book discusses the contribution that Asian domestic servants made towards the development of this cuisine between 1858 and 1963. Domestic cookbooks, household management manuals, memoirs, diaries and travelogues are used to investigate the culinary practices in the colonial household, as well as in clubs, hill stations, hotels and restaurants.

Challenging accepted ideas about colonial cuisine, the book argues that a distinctive cuisine emerged as a result of negotiation and collaboration between the expatriate British and local people, and included dishes such as curries, mulligatawny, kedgeree, country captain and pish pash. The cuisine evolved over time, with the indigenous servants preparing both local and European foods. The book highlights both the role and representation of domestic servants in the colonies. It is an important contribution for students and scholars of food history and colonial history, as well as Asian Studies.

Everyday Fish & Seafood

RRP $8.99

Featuring 35 delectable recipes for fish and seafood, this mini collection provides a good mix of Asian and Western fare suitable for daily meals, from Tom Yum Soup and Salmon Kamameishi, to Seafood Mariana and Baked Mussels. With recipes for easy one-dish meals that are quick and satisfying, as well as hearty sides dishes that can be paired with rice or noodles, feast on fish and seafood dishes for your next meal with the family or gathering with friends!

My Favorite Asian Food Recipes Book

RRP $115.00

This is a blank recipe book designed for the avid Asian food appreciator. Whether their favorite dishes come from Thailand, India, Vietnam, China, Korea or Japan, this journal is the perfect place to write down the ingredients & cooking instructions that need to be remembered to recreate a delicious dish.

Handbook Of Asian Education

RRP $245.99

Comprehensive and authoritative, this Handbook provides a nuanced description and analysis of educational systems, practices, and policies in Asian countries and explains and interprets these practices from cultural, social, historical, and economic perspectives.

Using a culture-based framework, the volume is organized in five sections, each devoted to educational practices in one civilization in Asia: Sinic (the common culture of China, the Chinese communities in Southeast Asia, and related cultures of Korea and Vietnam), Japanese, Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu. Culture and culture identities essentially are civilization identities; the major differences among civilizations are rooted in their different cultures. This framework better captures the essence of the diverse educational systems and practices of Asian countries than other possible approaches such as the forms of government or geographical locations.

Each section opens with an overview of the civilization and its history, philosophy, and values that have had an impact on education, includes chapters on both the formal schooling system and out-of-school educational practices, and concludes with a chapter on how immigrants from the civilization have come to live in the West, how they are educated, and how they are adapting to their new homes.

Uniquely combining description and interpretation of educational practices in Asia, this Handbook is a must-have resource for education researchers and graduate students in international and comparative education, globalization and education, multicultural education, sociocultural foundations of education, and Asian studies, and for educational administrators and education policy makers.

Food And Drink Laboratory Accreditation

RRP $546.99

Increasing legislation and the growing quality expectations of customers of food and drink laboratories have led to expanding requirements for such laboratories to be accredited to a recognized quality standard. This book provides thorough coverage of how to obtain an accredited standard for a food and drink laboratory which performs chemical and microbiological tests. The book provides answers to the following questions and many more: What is accreditation? How do you get it? How do you keep it? How do you develop it? The authors have a huge amount of practical and relevant experience and have provided a book which should find a place in all food and drink companies with laboratories, in research establishments, universities, libraries and on the shelves of microbiologists, food chemists and laboratory workers.


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