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Food Culture In Colonial Asia

RRP $287.99

Presenting a social history of colonial food practices in India, Malaysia and Singapore, this book discusses the contribution that Asian domestic servants made towards the development of this cuisine between 1858 and 1963. Domestic cookbooks, household management manuals, memoirs, diaries and travelogues are used to investigate the culinary practices in the colonial household, as well as in clubs, hill stations, hotels and restaurants.

Challenging accepted ideas about colonial cuisine, the book argues that a distinctive cuisine emerged as a result of negotiation and collaboration between the expatriate British and local people, and included dishes such as curries, mulligatawny, kedgeree, country captain and pish pash. The cuisine evolved over time, with the indigenous servants preparing both local and European foods. The book highlights both the role and representation of domestic servants in the colonies. It is an important contribution for students and scholars of food history and colonial history, as well as Asian Studies.

Everyday Fish & Seafood

RRP $8.99

Featuring 35 delectable recipes for fish and seafood, this mini collection provides a good mix of Asian and Western fare suitable for daily meals, from Tom Yum Soup and Salmon Kamameishi, to Seafood Mariana and Baked Mussels. With recipes for easy one-dish meals that are quick and satisfying, as well as hearty sides dishes that can be paired with rice or noodles, feast on fish and seafood dishes for your next meal with the family or gathering with friends!

Asian Food

RRP $595.99

By documenting, analysing and interpreting the transformations in the local diets of Asian peoples within the last hundred years, this volume pinpoints the consequences of the tension between homogenisation and cultural heterogenisation, which is so characteristic for today's global interaction.

The Columbia Companion To Modern East Asian Literature

RRP $196.89

This extraordinary one-volume guide to the modern literatures of China, Japan, and Korea is the definitive reference work on the subject in the English language. With more than one hundred articles that show how a host of authors and literary movements have contributed to the general literary development of their respective countries, this companion is an essential starting point for the study of East Asian literatures. Comprehensive thematic essays introduce each geographical section with historical overviews and surveys of persistent themes in the literature examined, including nationalism, gender, family relations, and sexuality.

Following the thematic essays are the individual entries: over forty for China, over fifty for Japan, and almost thirty for Korea, featuring everything from detailed analyses of the works of Tanizaki Jun'ichiro and Murakami Haruki, to far-ranging explorations of avant-garde fiction in China and postwar novels in Korea. Arrayed chronologically, each entry is self-contained, though extensive cross-referencing affords readers the opportunity to gain a more synoptic view of the work, author, or movement. The unrivaled opportunities for comparative analysis alone make this unique companion an indispensable reference for anyone interested in the burgeoning field of Asian literature.

Although the literatures of China, Japan, and Korea are each allotted separate sections, the editors constantly kept an eye open to those writers, works, and movements that transcend national boundaries. This includes, for example, Chinese authors who lived and wrote in Japan; Japanese authors who wrote in classical Chinese; and Korean authors who write in Japanese, whether under the colonial occupation or because they are resident in Japan. The waves of modernization can be seen as reaching each of these countries in a staggered fashion, with eddies and back-flows between them then complicating the picture further. This volume provides a vivid sense of this dynamic interplay.

Sustainable Food For The Globe.

RRP $14.99

"Sustainable Food for the Globe, One Square Foot at a Time" came about in the strangest way. In August of 2012, the where two news items that caught my attention.The first was a challenge made by a group calling themselves "The B Team." The statement was made that business as usual is currently not working, nor taking care of the needs of the people in our planet. The challenge - that now is the time to modify our mindsets and take a look at what each individual can change to bring about a stronger, richer and more abundant Global community. Secondly, during that same time period, there where lots of comments made by so-called "experts," stating that the world would run out of food by the year 2050. What a paradox, on the one hand, a group of invigorated people ready to take a challenge and create a better world; and on the other hand "nay-sayers" stating that humankind would expire in less than 37 years due to mass starvation. As a gardener, both news items drew my attention. First, as someone who enjoys working with the earth, I am in awe of how a small seed put in a little bit of earth; tended to, making sure it has sun and water, can come out of the ground as a seedling and within a short period of time becomes a food-producing plant. So I started doing research on these two issues. What I found out about the "nay-sayers" group made me very angry and what I found out about the group making the challenge made me very hopeful. Thinking about these two issues made me search for simple yet effective answers; How to create worldwide food production in Abundance? So in this book I celebrate the first step of this journey; doing research, asking the first few questions of many -focusing on how are we going to deal with this mess? I invite you to ask questions and reflect on answers that might help our little bit of earth. I have a feeling that millions and millions of people working together can ensure worldwide food production in Abundance for our children, our families and communities where ever in the world they are found.


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