Fix The Parking

Parking. We all understand the frustration that stems from a lack of parking spaces or the fury when someone steals the park that is rightfully yours. Car parks can be an absolute nightmare… or on the odd occasion when you get a good car park design, fantastic. 

I have experienced hundreds of parking situations in my time. I can count on one hand the number of times the experience was fantastic and count on multiple hands the painstakingly frustrating experiences. I don’t have enough hands to count the mildly frustrating or mediocre times, and I quickly remove them from my memory anyway.

I remember the most fantastic of all my parking experiences vividly. I was running late for a musical play, and I was stressed about finding a park and missing the beginning of the performance. When I arrived, I was ecstatic to find there was an unexpected valet parking service, for free! You can imagine my excitement when I not only didn’t have to park, but I also wouldn’t have to find my car again at the end or walk anywhere. What a relief. 

My bad experience on the other hand, was a direct result of a severe lack of parking spaces for such a large venue. Why would there be one car park that fits one-hundred cars for a shopping centre that fits upwards of one-thousand? It makes no sense. They made it impossible to move anywhere, and any time I go to the shopping centre I know it’s practically useless to attempt to park in the car park. They need a different car parking design pronto. I’ve seriously considered calling up the shopping centre owner and recommending different traffic consultants around Melbourne to get the message across. 

The original design was absolutely terrible. I hope they change it and get new designers soon. No sane person would argue that it’s a bad idea to add more parks to a car park. Or I guess there could just be a personal valet service at every car park in the state. I would be fine with that.