No Remorse Here

I’ve heard that buyer’s remorse after buying a house is a thing, but I can’t say I’m experiencing even a whiff of it. Truly, I couldn’t be more sure that this is the place for me if it came with a big sign on it that said ‘Joey Henrik Jacobson’s House, Specifically Tailored To His Every Whim’. I couldn’t imagine a dwelling with a layout more suited to my needs, an aesthetic more aligned with mine, and oh, the location!

It’s possible that the absence of regret in my house-buying experience has been aided by the smooth way in which the money stuff went down. From go to woah, there hasn’t been a hiccup. I had my home loan approved just before the banks got cracked down on, so I didn’t have to grovel for it like some people I know who applied just a month later than I did. And I had a lot of ‘assistance’ with the deposit, thanks to my late grandmother’s will.

Let’s not forget that I had a fantastic conveyancer based in Melbourne. I’m sure this town has plenty of expert professionals in that field, but I feel like I really struck gold with mine. Not having bought property before, I don’t really know what the standard experience is, but I feel like it must be just a little less smooth than mine was. I went in not knowing a Vendor’s Statement from my left elbow, and came through the process feeling confident, supported and like I’d gotten good value for money.

Of course, you can never know for sure with these things whether you’ve gotten value for money. I mean, legal services surely couldn’t get away with costing as much as they do if they didn’t involve highly specialised knowledge that you can just, you know… look up on the internet. That means you can’t really check if what they’re doing is really that valuable or not, but at the end of the day, they can charge whatever people are willing to pay.