Tattooists and Psychologists

Lorenzo hadn’t always been friends with Gideon. In fact, they had once been mortal enemies.

It was back in the surface days, when Lorenzo had been a simple tattoo artist. Those were the days, when he’d travelled the world as a wanderer, taking up work at whatever tattoo shop would have him. He’d display his creations proudly on social media. Over the years, he built up quite a respectable following of 250 people.

It was while he was getting a tattoo from the best tattooist near Brisbane that he had his first encounter with Gideon. The man hadn’t come to the tattoo shop for ink – no, it had been a visit with his daughter to get her ears pierced. Lorenzo had been in the middle of completing a tattoo for one of his clients when he overheard Gideon talking on the phone about how lame and tacky tattoos are.

A few weeks later, Lorenzo had been watching the news when they ran a story about a world-famous psychologist, Gideon Nightshade who had released a book revealing all his secrets of the trade. Knowing that the man who had talked negatively about tattoos was actually famous only fuelled Lorenzo’s hatred of him.

Eventually, Lorenzo decided to move on from Surfer’s Paradise, heading down to rainy Melbourne for a season or two. Of course, by then the Collapse was well and truly on its way. While Lorenzo did miss having easy access to the professional realism tattoo artists located in Brisbane, his mental health was suffering greatly up north. In Melbourne, he arranged to meet with a psychologist, and wouldn’t you know it, he was booked in with none other than Gideon Nightshade.

He’d considered cancelling and finding another psychologist, but he decided to give it a shot. At the very least, he could give Gideon a piece of his mind regarding his horribly incorrect opinions on tattoos.