Tea in Comfort

Some people think it’s weird that I shelve my hobby for six months of the year, and most of those people are hypocrites. They act surprised when I tell them that my passion for tea is put on hold during the warmer months so I can focus on colder things.

Uh… so you like hiking just as much when it’s cold? Swimming? Playing golf? Let’s not pretend that every single hobby is evergreen. I just don’t feel like tea when it’s cold. Of course, living in Canberra, heating and cooling being the big deal that it is, that rule does have some leeway. Sometimes I’m at work and I see that it’s hot outside, but the air con is turned up to such a degree that I might go and make myself an oolong tea anyway. Jasmine is a decent blend for a hot-cold day, I’ve found, but don’t ask me to explain why. I only do this for a hobby; I’m not a professional expert.

Seriously, there’s some off temperatures in here sometimes. I personally don’t mind so much because I’m aware that cardigans exist (and I keep one in my desk drawer), plus I can just take it off in the winter months when the turn the heating up way too high. Maybe whichever fancy person on the fifth floor who sets the temperature is a bit thick-skinned. Or perhaps they have some affliction that makes them hot and cold at random moments.

Seems to be a coin flip: sometimes it’s Johnny the Bear from Siberia in charge of the air con, and sometimes it’s Surfer Dave from California jacking up the heating, and sometimes I guess they get into scuffles. It is NICE having Canberra’s best ducted heating, so that we don’t all freeze, but too much and I stop wanting tea. That should be a summer thing only.