A Chef’s Opinion

Being a professional chef for the last twenty years, has made me very critical of the quality of the food I serve and the food that gets served to me. It’s in my nature. Anyone who is somewhat good at their profession would be hyper aware of their work and the work of their competitors. It’s just human nature to compare ourselves to others.

This is why, up until six months ago, I had never eaten one of those frozen ready-made meals. I just couldn’t justify eating anything that wasn’t made fresh that day. I judged the quality of the meals without trying them. In my defence though, frozen meals did go against everything I valued about a good, home cooked meal. There’s nothing better than fresh ingredients, and I just genuinely refused to believe anything other than a freshly cooked meal could live up to my expectations. 

This was until my 25-year-old daughter decided to subscribe to a weight loss food delivery program, and served me one when I went over to her house for dinner one evening. Now trust me, Angelica is a great cook. She inherited that from me and has enjoyed cooking since she was old enough to use the stove. So you can imagine my surprise when she served up a frozen meal for her Mum and I for dinner. I was extremely reluctant, and honestly, a bit judgemental about the whole ordeal, but I know what it feels like to serve food and have someone not eat it, so I grit my teeth and dug in. Seriously, wow. I was so surprised at how tasty the food was. I would’ve gone back for seconds if Ange hadn’t offered up a delicious home-baked cake for dessert. 

Now, each week my wife and I have started ordering keto meal delivery. Melbourne services such as these are great, however they certainly haven’t replaced my cooking. We don’t we rely on them for our meals every day, but it’s nice to eat something tasty that isn’t cooked by me for once. It just goes to show, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, or in this case – judge a meal by its packaging.