Non-Scary Dentist

Unlike most kids, I was never afraid of the dentist. I didn’t understand what the big fuss was about because you always knew what the dentist was going to do. It’s not like the doctor who you’d visit because you have a cold and then all of a sudden they’re having a look under your armpit. The dentist only ever wants to look in your mouth. It’s so easy. And this is coming from the perspective of the kid that had orthodontic treatment for six years straight.

My dental treatments were no piece of cake, and because of my braces I couldn’t even eat cake. Cake was too sugary and would erode the braces apparently. That may have just been something my Mum told me so that I would stop eating so much cake, but who knows. But yeah, I just really don’t understand why dentists are so scary. I had a drill in my mouth cementing an expander plate to the roof of my mouth and I didn’t so much as flinch. Most people that go to the dentist just have their teeth brushed and then go home.

I will admit though, I am glad that my orthodontic treatments are done. My teeth are straight and my mouth is plate and braces free. I’m very thankful that my Mum encouraged me to get these treatments whilst I was young. Not only am I blessed now with perfectly straight teeth, I also didn’t have to pay the bills from the Bayside dental specialists. It’s no lie that dentistry and orthodontics are extremely expensive, so I’m so grateful that I didn’t have to pay for it myself. As a twenty-one year old uni student, I feel ill at the price of orthodontics. I would have to work six months to just pay for my braces.

So other than the fact that dentistry is expensive, no part of going to the dentist is scary.