Production Stalled

Why does Cecily have to be so dramatic about everything? All Patrice and I are trying to do is make a little movie about coven life – nothing too flashy, just a record of what really goes on inside the salt circle, you know?

I think Cecily fears that once word gets out, we’ll be banished from the area, but it’s not like we’re doing anything untoward these days. If anything, it’ll show people just how pedestrian our activities actually are: sewing lavender drawer sachets, gossiping about the staff at our kids’ school, and maybe the odd bit of shapeshifting. It’s nothing for anyone to get up in arms about.

Besides, the craft is kind of trendy now; if anything we’ll have the townspeople lining up to join in. That’s the main thing I’m worried about, honestly – I don’t want this to turn into a marketing video. Production has been put on hold, anyway, until Patrice sorts out the post production arrangements with the camera company. Apparently, Cecily has gone and told them not to help us edit the darned thing, and we can’t do much with raw footage alone.

That brings me back to my original point, which is Cecily being a drama queen. She’s also a control freak. Everything has to be about her and what she wants, whether that’s the type of cake we’re having next week, whether it’s okay to sometimes use baking soda instead of salt, and what we’re allowed to document on video.

If only Cecily knew how difficult it is to arrange video production within Melbourne at a moment’s notice. I’ll have you know that it’s even harder when you have to convince the video company to let you operate the cameras yourself, which is all due to that stupid charm Sherilyn insisted we put on Miranda’s shed to stop the townsfolk from finding us out.

So now there’s all these spanners in the works, and I’ve got half a mind to chuck the whole project in. I can’t do that, though – Cecily would be so smug about it.