Not A Bumpkin

These city slickers think they know everything. At the very least, they think we don’t know as much as they do, just because we’re not surrounded by thronging crowds of information workers 24/7. What do they think we’re missing out on? I can do without getting fried by wifi in metal box on a daily basis, thanks very much. Meanwhile, they’re the ones missing out.

When was the last time one of these urban lumberjacks had to wrangle a spooked horse, or chop some wood for that matter? I’m not saying that these people don’t know anything, by the way – we’ve got different skill sets, and I just wish that could be met with a bit more respect. All the premium under tray tool boxes in the world aren’t going to help you fix your busted ute if you don’t know how to drive it on a dirt road. I mean that both literally and metaphorically.

All I’m saying is, we live in the age of the internet. That’s not to say that there aren’t some backwards types in the country, but you’ll find plenty of those in the city as well. If there’s a piece of information I want to know, I can access it from just about anywhere. That’s doesn’t apply in the same way when it comes to practical skills. Think of facing down a snake: it’s such a full-body experience, you can’t really comprehend it unless you’ve been there.

That said, these out-of-towners do clue me in to the latest in overland driving accessories. From 4×4 canopies to custom ute trays, Melbourne in particular seems to have it going on. Some of the fabricators down there must really know their stuff, because there are some beautiful modifications going around in that neck of the woods. I’m considering making a trip there to get a full vehicle build done.

It’d be good for me to have the experience of being out of familiar territory, to be honest, and see these city slickers in their natural habitat.