More Window Pixels?

So I hear through the grapevine that Over-Botch 2 is in the works. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the old one, so they’re really going to have to work to justify why this is in any way necessary. That’s E-Freak for you; the biggest games conference in the world, and they just announce a bunch of sequels to stuff that’s already popular.

Let me guess: the window replacement minigames are going to be 2% more realistic than before. They’re going to train you to do those timber window replacements Melbourne homeowners seem to love, and half an hour faster at that. Sure, Jan. To me, this sort of seems like they’re giving up on the original game as nothing more than a failed experiment, and now the sequel is an attempt at giving it another go. But there’s nothing wrong with the original, which would make this just another cash grab. Gah, I knew micro transactions were going to ruin everything!

I paid $2.99 for some overalls based off actual window replacement professionals in Melbourne, because I wanted to look as authentic as possible. Then I shelled up a few more bucks for an upgrade to my van, again to make it look like it belonged to a real timber window replacement company, and then I bought a professional logo to stick on the side, as opposed to the awful one I scribbled myself. And…I may have been using real life currency to bolster my business, which is a legitimate strategy, mind you. The game essentially encourages it by giving you the option to do that.

Look, if I’m ever going to be an esteemed, reputable timber door replacement professional, I need to practice, and for that, I need a successful digital business. It’s for practice!

Anyway, Bling Dem Tarts: 3.7706 Side Story/Before Time-Requiem looks interesting, even if it’s just a patch with extra cutscenes. Any new IPs announced? No? Not this year, it seems…