Oats and Welding?

Man, I could really go for some oats right now. Barley and oats, that is sounding really good right about now. After that, I could maybe down a smoothie, made with oats, and then little bowl of oats on the side. With a dash of honey if I’m feeling totally crazy.

People at work keep talking to me about my obsession with oats, telling me that not only do I eat too many oats (which isn’t possible anyway), but I should also probably stop bringing them up in every single conversation. Uh, okay…if you want every conversation to be boring. Maybe I could switch to talking about barley instead.

All the guys here at the docks just talk about the same thing anyway, namely stainless steel snapper racks and bait boards. They accuse ME of having a one-track mind, but they talk exclusively about fishing, and fishing with the family, and fishing alone, and all the fish they have caught and/or going to catch. All fishing, all the time, so I try to stir things up by telling them that I’m growing my own special brand of oats at home which I’m hoping to turn into a respectable business. NO, I am told. ONLY FISHING. And then some hypocritical comment about how I need to learn to talk about something else.

I just don’t know these guys well enough to veer outside my chosen area, and I certainly couldn’t get involved in any conversation surrounding bait boards or fishing rod holders. I’m not even confident enough to discuss barley. It’s a new thing for me, and it’s surprisingly distinct from my specialist subject, which happens to be oats. I mean, they’re both items that are cultivated from the grain family, so I at least have some common ground. More common ground than that of a bow rail, but I’m still learning the non-oat-ways.