Shelves For Days!

I know my laundry is literally just a cupboard, but I still think it needs renovation. I was at Steve’s new place on the weekend and I saw inside his laundry cupboard, and… WOW. Shelves for days, hooks for days, and the whole thing has been optimised for maximum storage space. He just moved in and hasn’t filled much of it at all – there’s maybe one towel and a box of washing capsules – which gave me this weird urge to call him out on all the lovely space he isn’t using.

I know for a fact that there’s such thing as laundry renovation companies. Melbourne has several, for sure. And why not? The laundry is a room in your house like any other, and it doesn’t get used nearly as often as it should, so maybe someone needs to do something about that. Mine is about as big as Steve’s, but it’s just a mass of wasted space at the moment. Clean the stains off the walls, lay down some nice tiles, install some super handy thick wire shelves and I may just be spending a LOT of time in there. I just need to leave enough space in there so I can climb on top of the washing machine and curl up with a good book.

And a light. I’m going to need a light. For my book.

Just because it’s a European laundry (aka a small one) doesn’t mean it should go unseen and under-renovated. And while we’re on the subject, can we talk about the kitchen? Because Steve’s kitchen is just… phew, wow. Picture the best in quality appliances, an open plan design (but not in a weird or annoying way), and the tiles… oh gosh, those tiles feel like walking on an incredibly solid cloud.

And the bathroom door handles? The door handles, for real! It’s like holding hands with a professional hand model. I’m literally on the verge of contacting a professional bathroom designer and asking for those handles. I now live for the handles – handles, and thick wire shelving.