Road To Driving

The year I was supposed to get my license I developed a medical condition that meant I could no longer drive. As you can imagine, this was pretty devastating as a seventeen year old who had been looking forward to driving ever since she got her L plates two years earlier. I had to watch all my friends get their licenses before me, and then rely on them to take me places for the years after that. But four years later and my medical condition is finally under control. I’ve been cleared to drive effective immediately and I’m over the moon.

I got the all clear last month, and since then I’ve gotten back on the road and I’ve even bought myself a car! I had been saving for a car since I was sixteen, and so at twenty-two I had plenty more saved up for the day I would be allowed to drive again. I purchased my car brand new two weeks ago, because I could afford it and I deserve it. Today I drove it to the mechanic for its first car service appointment. Brighton is really centrally located, and I’m glad I live here. It may as well be the home of auto mechanics and car dealerships in the South East, how many there are to choose from, which used to make me sad but now it’s great.

I feel like my life is finally beginning and that I’ve finally got the freedom that I was looking for so many years ago. I’m looking forward to getting to know the various mechanics around Brighton, driving places I’ve never been before and no longer having to rely on the people around me to get places. It’s been a really long road to recovery and I’m so proud of myself for making it out the other side. I look forward to all the roads that are now open to me, I’m feeling happier than ever.