New Roadworthy Certificate

Since breaking up with my girlfriend, I’ve found it difficult to do things that we used to do together. Even the most simple things, like going for a drive through the suburbs on a nice day or getting my favourite takeaway have become difficult and sad. I miss her and anything that reminds me of her makes me want to cry.

This has been going on for the last two years. I’m not sure why I never got over the breakup or her, but it’s made me avoid doing a lot of fun things that used to make me happy. I’ve  finally made progress since the breakup, and I just got hired at a new company. I think the change of scenery will help me separate myself from her. The only problem is, however, I have to drive my car to the office each day. I haven’t driven a car since we broke up, and I think that means I’m going to need to get myself a new roadworthy certificate.

I don’t really know much about cars, it was my girlfriend that had a real interest in them. That’s part of the reason I’ve avoided driving ever since. Being in a car that’s had her in it is just too distressing for me. I’ve opted to go to a new mechanic, as we visited my old one a couple of times together. My car is old and struggles a lot, so it was the norm back in the day to have regular visits to the car mechanic workshop. Brunswick, thankfully, is close to the city, so I got around alright without needing my car when I decided that I no longer wanted to drive.

It’s been a tough two years and I spent a lot of that time not dealing with my emotions in a healthy way. I think my new job and the fact that I’m getting back on the horse with driving will help me turn a corner. Here’s to my next (car) journey.