Second Hand Car

I’m buying a second hand car that is still under its new car warranty. The people I’m buying it from are elderly and can no longer drive, so I’m purchasing it for an absolute bargain. Honestly the price is so cheap that when I drive it away, I’ll probably feel like I stole it. I now fully understand why some people call a “bargain”, a “steal”.

Seeing as I’m getting the car so cheap, I’ve agreed that I’ll pay for the next log book service. Toowoomba mechanics do a stand-up job of ensuring all the residents’ cars run smoothly, so I was happy to oblige the elderly couple’s request and absorb the cost of the service. I’m so lucky that this couple has kept their servicing up to date because it means my car is worth so much more than it could’ve been if they hadn’t looked after it. It also means I’m buying a second hand car that actually works! Unlike most of my friends… sucks to be them. 

When I get my log book service, I’m going to ask that they do a new tyre fitting just because I like the look of other tyres so much better than the ones the elderly couple chose. Their tyres are very plain and not flashy, and I want something that makes more of a statement. People will hear my tyres on the asphalt and know that it’s me driving down the street. It’ll be epic.

I’ll be collecting my new car in two weeks once the payment has transferred and I cannot wait. I’m going to pick my mates up straight away and we’ll drive around the streets showing off my new ride. I do feel bad for the elderly couple that have to get rid of such a good car, but they shouldn’t be driving anyway and this beauty of a car deserves to be on the road. 

I guess in life you win some and you lose some, I won this time.