Grandparents’ Bathroom Renovation

My grandparents are aging quite rapidly now. Obviously to me, they have always seemed old and when I was young, they were the oldest people in the world. I realise now that they were only in their late fifties when I was born, the age that my parents are now. They have seemed to stay the same for my entire life, always old, always happy and always kind. But now, they are actually old. They still live at home and have decided not to go to a retirement village as of yet, and because of this, they need to make some serious changes to their home. The functionality of their home is more suitable to a fit couple in their sixties (which they used to be), but now they need a home that will support them in their old age.

Due to their age, my grandparents need bathroom renovations. Melbourne’s elderly people receive a lot of benefits which is fantastic, because they have stimulated the economy and sustained society for so long that they deserve to relax now. My grandparents will be getting bath rails installed in the shower and next to the toilet so that they can move around easier and safely. Part of this will be subsidised by the government.

As my grandparents are obviously extremely important to my entire family, we have made sure to employ experts so that they can have the best bathroom renovations possible. They have given me so much love over the years, and helped me become the person I am today. Because of this, I am paying for all the renovations to occur. It’s my thank you to them for being two of the best people in my life. I also offered to pay because I want to keep them around for as long as possible, and I know that they can’t afford the renovations themselves. I’m paying because I love them, and their safety will always be my priority.