Time for Changes?

It’s about time I started coming up with some more nutritious lunch ideas, because lunches at the moment are a health atrocity. If those health council people were to stick one of those little stickers on my lunch choices, then I’d end up with like…two-and-a-half stars at best. And then I’d probably be cheating the system because there’s a bit of chicken in there and a few soggy pieces of capsicum, and the rest is just mountains of pesto sauce.

Eating is one thing I want to clean up. The other is my reliance on the heating, which has had some mixed results at the moment. I just don’t like the idea of not supporting my local heating companies, Sydney being a bit less on the cold side than it used to be… you know? I could stop turning it on every single time I get back, but then we’d be losing part of ourselves, the infrastructure would collapse, and maybe the real heating services were the friends we made along the way.

Okay, I just don’t want to stop using my heating system. But I’m on the ground floor, all of my precious heat drifts upwards and through the roof to give warmth to the lucky folks upstairs – who, by the way, I swear are having flamenco dancing lessons up there, as it’s the only explanation for all the stomping.

I need my split system heating, I tell you! Take the unhealthy lunches, but leave me to my warm, toasty ways! Besides, if I don’t use my ducted heating, Sydney might have an economic collapse.

I’m sure I can improve other areas of my life before we do something totally crazy, like turning off the heating for a bit. I could finally start power-walking again, to name a great example. Get myself a laundry basket instead of just hauling all the wet clothes in my arms. Take up…a hobby? Pruning bonsai trees?