Video Commercial Idea

I started a small sewing business recently. I’ve always loved making clothes, and since I’ve had so much time on my hands recently, right now seemed better than ever to start pursuing my passions. Last week I began setting everything up. I spoke to my best friend, who completed a business degree at university, and he suggested I take things slowly so I don’t become overwhelmed. Design a logo, build a website, and get my products online – those were the first three steps. I was able to complete these relatively quickly as I have experience in design and taught myself how to code as a teenager.   

When I asked my friend what to do next, he suggested I look into advertising. With the intention of creating a video commercial, I searched far and wide for video production companies offering services near Melbourne. I figured there would be a fair few companies, but I didn’t realise just how many there would be! Some specialised in corporate projects, while others were willing to film more personal, creative ventures. It seemed I was spoilt for choice. My main considerations were the price and process; the price, because I haven’t had a sale yet and therefore have limited funds, and the process, because I had a specific vision in mind and wanted things to run smoothly. Communication is something I also felt was very important to a project like mine, so I narrowed my choices down to three agencies and gave each one a call to assess how well our communication styles aligned.

Everybody was friendly and professional, but in the end, I settled on a 2D animation company that has received many positive reviews. Once I paid my deposit, the company showed me the software and equipment they have at their disposal, as well as some of their previous animation work. I was even able to talk to the woman who will be editing my finished video to refine the concept together. Overall, I was satisfied with the process and would recommend this service to anybody seeking great results!