Get Your Car Checked

I heard the saddest news yesterday. My heart aches for everyone involved. I can’t even imagine what it would be like and what it means for the lives of so many people… and the life of one person in particular. 

I am saddened to pass on the news that a young man who had freshly turned eighteen just weeks before was hit by a car driving erratically in Raceview at dinner time last night. The car lost control and spun into a nearby shopping centre car park, where the young man was hit. He died at the scene. They haven’t released his name yet out of respect to the family, but the media did release photos of the driver’s car. The shape it was in in the photos meant that no mechanic local to Raceview, or even in the big city for that matter, could fix it.

I am really truly heartbroken for the young man and his family. His life was cut way too short and I have no doubt that he had so much to live for. He may have been in year twelve, or in his first year of uni, on a gap year or doing a trade. He may have had holidays planned with his friends. He may have had a partner. The entire life that he spent years building was finally about to begin and now it has been taken away from him. He didn’t deserve this. The loss of his life is the biggest tragedy I have heard.

There’s been no publicly released news on what is going to happen to the driver. I assume he will be going to jail for a long time, assuming he didn’t suffer some sort of medical emergency. If he goes to jail I assume they’ll sell his car for scrap metal. By the look of the photos, to be able to drive it again he’d need more than a diesel repair. In the Raceview area, people take the safety of cars very seriously. This is done for this exact reason – to prevent things like this from happening ever again.