Wearable Climate Tech

This year will quite possibly be remembered as the Year of the Failed Robot Suit. I always thought it was pretty ridiculous, but they tried so hard to get their crazy scheme off the ground. They probably still are, to be honest. Still…as a proponent of climate control science, I will admit that they at least had some decent ideas.

I happened to glimpse a fashion show recently, one of those wearable modern art affairs (you know the ones). One of the models was wearing bags filled with warm water. She looked incredibly foolish, but I did get the gears turning. While heating services in Canberra are top-notch (according to the Human Air Conditioning Ubiquity Index (HACUI)) there’s always that concern when you have to leave the home. You can’t warm the streets, unless you put the city inside a gigantic, temperature-controlled dome. And that brings a host of its own problems. No; the next best thing is to create wearable tech that controls your personal climate. We’ve seen it happening with heated gloves and jumpers being a big deal. Maybe the next big thing are clothes that keep you comfortable all year round.

No, I’m not talking about ‘moisture-wicking’. Good grief, that has to be one of the greatest cons of the 21st century outside of people who believe the glove we live on is flat. No, I mean clothing that actively keeps your temperature controlled via wearable tech. Wearing bags of ice would certainly help via convection, but not too much, and only for a short time. Maybe it can be compressed into clothing in a more streamlined fashion, using thermos-static technology?

I need to get to work on those. They’re not going to invent themselves after all. Not sure how how I’m going to take the best technology for ducted heating Canberra has to offer. I’ll shrink it down to fit into a lightweight suit to keep everyone warm. Interesting idea but there could be something in there.