A Good Wisdom

This new relaxation programme really works! What you have to do is wake up each day and instead of dwelling on human problems- money, relationships, family drama, office drama, commute drama- you instead look at things through the eyes of a friendly animal. A different one every day, mind you. Today I chose golden retriever, and let me tell you…looking at conveyancing and settlement from the perspective of a friendly, fluffy yellow dog makes the whole thing seem a lot less scary and complex.

Oh, these nice conveyancer people would like me to write on the paper. Very good, very nice, can do. Golly, I can’t wait to get home and play Frisbee!

It’s that simple. The other day I was on the phone with the conveyancer, and generally, I find phone conversations stressful. It’s nothing to do with the person on the other end- they were fine- it’s just that talking to a person when I can’t see their face is odd and wrong. I’m usually great at normal discussions, sitting opposite a person, but phone conversations, ugh…just send a text! So yeah. None of that silliness.

But I retreated into my ball, for real, because in that moment I became the armadillo. Just…became it. Rolled up in my metaphorical ball and suddenly the world seemed a million miles away. Of course, I still had to deal with all the conveyancing, because there’s a certain amount of user input required for that kind of thing. For example, I had to go and find the conveyancing office in Carlton in the first place. Biggest decision of our lives, sure…

Of one of my lives, as the case may be. Meow.