AC Repair Boy

I saw something strange earlier today. I work at the local university, fixing air conditioners and heaters so that the students can be comfortable all the time. Did you know that the ideal temperature for places of study is actually a couple of degrees below room temperature? Not too far below it, mind you. There’s a balance involved, getting it to exactly the right temperature. You want the air to be chill so that students don’t fall asleep, but not too chill, because then they’ll put jackets on and warm up.

Anyway, I heard that one of the lecturing halls was in need of a split system service. Melbourne universities often need air conditioning servicing, because they have such large rooms to heat and cool. I grabbed my tools and went straight there, since a class was due to start in about half an hour.

When I got to the lecture hall, there was a big crowd surrounding the door. I tried to work out why they were there, but all I could hear were awed voices muttering that “he did it” and that it was a “miracle”. They wouldn’t move, so I had to push through the crowd, into the room. There were still dozens of people in there, but the crowd dissipated as I made my way toward the split system. I looked up, and there I saw it. The split system was on, heating the room to a perfect 21.37 degrees.

Below it stood some random university student, only a screwdriver in hand. He’d fixed it in minutes, and he wasn’t even studying a Bachelor of Commercial Air Conditioning. Near Melbourne there are plenty of air conditioning repairmen who could fix a split system, but none with just a screwdriver and five minutes. It wasn’t possible.

I’m going to get to the bottom of this. How did this air conditioning repair boy do it? Has he got repair powers? Did his friends help him? Was the split system broken at all? Maybe this is some elaborate prank to make me think he fixed it when really he just turned it on.