The Missing Boat

Even if you haven’t seen the movie And, you know about the opening scene. Everybody knows about it, when a boy in a yellow raincoat runs down the street with his paper boat. The boat falls down a storm-water drain and is no more. The boy, named George, comes across the creature And. And loves to eat people, and George is no exception. With the opening scene done, we know the fate of the boy.

But what about the fate of the boat?

I like to imagine the boat found a sailor, small enough to carry him along the sloshing waves of the sewers. Together they sailed under the streets. The miniature sailor might have had a miniature phone in hand, calling the best drainage contractors in Melbourne, informing them about problems in the sewers. I like that little tale.

As for And, who haunted the city of Melbourne for all of his days, I wonder if anybody ever caught signs of him. Did they ever see singing clowns and think they could actually be creatures of pure evil? Did anybody ever get, anywhere in Melbourne, drain camera inspections? Did they see in the drains his sinister teeth like needles, or his funny red nose? Penny-fool the Singing Clown liked to taunt people, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

There are many other questions I have about the movie And. Whatever happened to the silver bike, who carried our heroes like a noble steed? When And was defeated, did it join in the celebrations, as it so deserved? And the librarian who provided Ben with so much knowledge, was she involved? Without her research efforts, And never would have been stopped. But it seems kind of like the members of the “Idiots Club” forget all about everyone who helped them along the way. I don’t know. Maybe it all happened off-screen, but it just makes me kind of sad. I’d like to see everyone that helped appreciated for their efforts.