Regular Heating Services

I live in a small apartment in Sydney’s western suburbs. I live alone, and spend the majority of my time at home because I don’t have many friends. To many this may sound lonely, but to me, I’m living the dream. I’ve never really liked socialising. I feel more comfortable in tracksuit pants than a party dress, and my idea of a great Saturday night is at home cuddled up with a book in front of my ducted gas heating. Sydney in winter is pretty cold, definitely not colder than where I grew up, but without the heat of bodies around me, I rely pretty heavily on my heater to keep me warm. 

I don’t particularly like the cold, so I made sure that the apartment I bought was well insulated to keep as much heat in as possible. I have designated blankets for each room of the house, and I get regular heating services. Sydney technicians are quick and efficient, which is great as I don’t like people being in my house for too long at a time… because you know, when you don’t like socialising, having random people in your home is next level stress.

I’m so glad that I stay on top of getting regular services for my heating system. I swear any time I leave the house in winter, to go to the shops or for a walk, I hear at least one person complain that their heating system is broken. I’d tell them to get it regularly serviced so that that wouldn’t happen again, but that would mean talking to people. They should be smart enough to figure it out on their own.

I’m currently writing this blog from the comfort of my home (of course). I’m sitting on a chair right next to the heater, and my blanket is draped over both myself and the heater to create a warm bubble of heat around me. I seriously am living the dream. I won’t be moving out of this spot for hours.