Car Engine Trouble

My Mum always says that the hardest part about driving is knowing where you’re going. Until I got my license, I didn’t truly understand what she meant. I thought it couldn’t be that hard, what with maps on my phone and street signs everywhere. It wasn’t until I was a fresh P Plater driving with my engine warning light on, trying to follow directions to the only auto service centre Mornington had to offer that day, that I finally understood what my Mum meant.

Knowing where you’re going, especially when you’re stressed and pressed for time, is hard. It took me about twenty minutes to find the mechanics workshop, which was only 1km from where I started, because I was so anxious. I’d never seen the red light on my dashboard before, and I didn’t want it to be there any longer than it had to be.

I remember getting to the mechanic very clearly. I probably looked like a sweaty, anxious mess but that didn’t change the way the mechanics treated me. They were very kind and patient with me as I regained my composure, and were able to fix my engine quite quickly. I was very glad I chose to get my auto repairs within Mornington and not try for somewhere further afield.

The service was actually so good that I now drive to Mornington for every car service, even though I live in Hobart. Travelling to Mornington is really worth it because of the great (car and customer) service that I get, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was lucky that the engine light went on when I was travelling through Mornington and not when I was closer to home. It’s crazy how much of a difference good service makes. Even if this mechanic moves to Phillip Island or something, I’ll follow him there.