Dad’s Ducted Heating

So my dad has officially been in the retirement village for a month. He’s settled in well, and although it’s been an adjustment for all of us, I’m happy with how the transition has been. The last time I updated you all was the day that I was driving him to his new home, and my post was filled with anxiety and sadness. I’m pleased to say that this post is a lot more positive from my end. 

As with anything that’s new, we had some teething issues when he first moved in. Luckily these were just minor inconveniences like needing to rearrange the furniture that comes with the room so that we could fit his furniture in, and figuring out how to fix the split system heating unit. Sydney can get cold and we want dad to be able to control the climate of his own room, instead of having to rely on the heating and cooling systems of the whole building. We just want him to be as comfortable as possible. 

Dealing with the heating system was probably the trickiest teething issue we had. This makes sense seeing as none of us are experts in heating and cooling. We tried to fix it ourselves, but when we ended up calling a technician to come in, he informed us that instead of researching how to fix a split system heater, we actually needed a ducted heating repair service. Sydney technicians are knowledgeable and efficient, we should’ve just contacted one in the first place. Instead we were really just barking up the wrong tree (or should I say heating system) and wasting our own time.

I’m really glad that dad’s settled in now. Mum visits him every day and I visit every weekend with my kids. We all love him deeply and are glad that he’s okay… and warm! I know that we’ll always be warm and toasty when we go and visit him.