Urgent Tyre Repair

Last Thursday I arranged with my boss to l eave work early so that I could go to my daughter’s mid-year ballet recital. She had been training for it for the last six months, and it meant a lot to both of us that I was there to support her. My plan was to meet her at our house and travel to the recital together. I couldn’t believe it when the plan almost went completely out the window. 

I work in the city in Melbourne and live about a one hour drive away in the south eastern suburbs. As I was passing through Moorabbin, about thirty minutes into my commute home, my car broke down. I couldn’t believe it. My daughter needed to leave for the recital in just under 1.5 hours and I was stuck on the side of the road completely helpless. The only thing I could do was call a mechanic. Near Moorabbin, mechanics aren’t hard to come by, thank goodness, and so I only spent about twenty minutes waiting for one to arrive. By the time the mechanic got to me, I had just over an hour until my daughter and I needed to leave for the recital. I was praying that this would be a quick fix. 

So it wasn’t exactly a quick fix, but I was on the road again with fifteen minutes to go before we needed to leave. Naturally, I didn’t get there on time but she was ready and waiting at the door when I arrived and jumped straight in the car. I apologised for being late and told her that on the way to picking her up, Daddy needed a tyre repair service. Moorabbin wasn’t the best place for me to break down, but I showed her exactly where it happened on our way to the recital and she found it quite interesting. Luckily, we managed to make up time and we weren’t as late as I thought. 

I am still so proud of how well she did that night. She was incredible.