DIY Sales Training?

In the distant future of 2029, workplace training will be a LOT easier. That’s not the final title of my futurology treatise, but it sums things up pretty well.

I was inspired to give this presentation at the Futurist Club after we had to endure a whole two days of workplace training at the printing studio where I work. Oh, this wasn’t done professionally. We WERE going to attend a sales professional development course, but then the boss decided it was too much money. She tried to save a bit by making her own sales course and stretching it out over two torturous days. Please note that she’s not even that great at sales by herself, so it was two whole days of role play and stupid multiple choice questions, ones that asked us basic stuff like what we would do if a customer entered the shop. Do you a) Throw a shoe at them, b) Punch them in the nose or c) Greet them in a friendly way?

Gosh. Brain-buster, that one. But as per usual, my thoughts drifted to the future. I wonder if sales and management courses could be automated? Or at the very least, they could be made virtual. From the comfort of your own home, you gather in a virtual location and learn about management, how to make better use of your time, how to think more strategically and boost productivity. And it’ll all be in the virtual world! 

So basically, just like a regular sales and management course,  except it’s virtual, and thus better. You can do it while sitting on your sofa. At home. Boom, better. That’s what I’m going to assert in my presentation, anyway, although I’m concerned that people are far too supportive just because it’s ‘the future’. We need to be able to push back on ideas, even if they’re all futuristic and cool, like vocational qualifications that you can do while wearing a super cool visor.

This idea is great though. It’s gonna make work training SO much better.