Thirty Horses

Sometimes a trend is implied rather than outright stated, and if you want to follow the crowd, you have to get a little smarter. Look for the patterns, Start promoting things to your friends before you’ve even been asked!

I haven’t actually done that yet, though, oh golly! Imagine if I got it wrong and I was a shill for the wrong thing!

I’m really starting to get into the idea of tattoos, for fun and following. One of the Instant-Gram influencers I follow recently went to a tattoo studio. Brisbane is where she spends most of her time, and I know for a fact that the little horse tattoo on her lower neck wasn’t there for her regular Friday afternoon selfie, so it must have been between then and Saturday morning when she posted her usual Saturday morning breakfast shot. She was holding up the bowl of carefully-positioned muesli and berries and making a kissing face, and I noticed that she had a horse tattoo that was NOT there before.

Thing is, she didn’t mention it. The caption was ‘eating healthy after a crazy Friday night, ughhhhh #health #blessed #same #lifegoals #saturday #muesli #carblife’ but NOTHING about a tattoo. I can only insinuate that tattoos are being saved for a special post and I need to go out and get one, like…now. Before that post exists. Because it will exist, and when she tells us all about her beautiful new horse tattoo and I realise that I do not have a horse tattoo, I will be kicking myself. I might even do something a bit crazy, like driving at full speed to a tattoo shop near Surfers Paradise and getting, like, thirty horses tattooed all over me.

I have to strike while the iron is cold and just get the one tattoo. The influencer told me it was a good idea!

Or rather…I am assuming that she will!