DIY Sales Training?

In the distant future of 2029, workplace training will be a LOT easier. That’s not the final title of my futurology treatise, but it sums things up pretty well. I was inspired to give this presentation at the Futurist Club after we had to endure a whole two days of workplace training at the printing …

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The Office Stud

We’ve got some MAJOR problems in the office. In short, Annabelle is getting really friendly with Vince and I think she’s way too good for him. I’m Derek Price, the office stud. There’s like… no way she’d want to go out with some dragon-obsessed loser and not me, Derek Price, certified stud. But somehow, they’ve …

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Couch Con

In general, I’m as up for embracing flash-in-the-pan office design trends as much as the next person. Like, if my workplace wants to have a ball pit in the breakout space, I’m here for that. But there’s one trend I can’t quite seem to get my head around, and that’s the so-called comfortable workspace. You …

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