Final touches

We’ve been renovating this house non-stop since we bought it three years ago. There hasn’t been a point in time so far where we haven’t been doing some sort of renovation on the house. First, it was redoing the kitchen, then it was retiling the bathroom, and don’t even get me started when we decided to tear out all the carpet! I consider all those renovations to be small projects that are part of one big larger project – getting the house finished! As our three-year renovation stint comes to a close, we have one final touch left before we can finally call this place our own. The driveway. Our driveway is currently grey and bland at the moment, but I have found the most recommended driveway painting company near me to do the job.

The driveway is one of the first things people see when they approach your home. It helps to set the tone and vibe of your house. Despite this, I never realised how important it is to make sure your driveway looks good. My husband and I always spent so much time fussing over how each room was going to look, what colour to paint the walls, what texture floor we want and what cut of tile, we just never stopped to think about our driveway. It seems silly now as it’s probably one of the easiest things to get painted in the whole house! At least it’s getting done now. Then we’ll be due to own one of the nicest houses in the area. Undertaking exterior painting in the Melbourne area is always hard because you have to account for weather factors. There is nothing worse than getting your house painted only for a dust storm or some rain to brew and wreck it all. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to just get this whole process over with. I just want a finished house that my husband and I can enjoy.