Frost For All!

Let’s NOT get crazy with this whole office tinting craze. Everyone is jumping on the trend like it’s a guaranteed way to triple your profits, but it’s just…well, it’s not that, for one thing. In ten years, when every single office in Melbourne has gotten the strongest tinting possible, and the Great Darkness has fallen across the land, they will see. They will ALL see that which they have wrought by their own hand.

In the meantime, our own boss doesn’t seem to have jumped on the bandwagon yet, so we may yet escape with our lives to the sunlit lands. And there are options. Like window frosting! Window frosting in Melbourne is a very stylish and affordable option that still lets plenty of light in, and yes, I know that tinting doesn’t cause a blackout, but I feel it. I’ve visited offices that have powerful tinting, and everyone seems fine, but it’s a ruse. A ruse, I tell you!

I love the sun, and even a tiny bit less of it creates unacceptable conditions. I live for holidays, I live for summer, and now that winter is upon us,  I’ve started to cry myself to sleep. Every night. I weep, every night. I weep for what could be, and what is not, and for the fact that my boss won’t transfer me to the Brisbane office. Maybe it’s because I weep a little bit too much?

Anyway, tinting. Great for people without close and personal connection to the sun like me. Oh, it’s very chic and elegant and…chic, but it’s not for me. That’s why I’m campaigning for change. Frosted glass for all, and for all, frosted glass. That’s going to be what I end up chanting outside the windows of office buildings, mostly ones that haven’t yet gotten commercial window tinting.

“Frosted glass for all, and for all, frosted glass! Now stop all that tinting, because it’s silly and crass!”

Yes. Perfect. The revolution has begun, truly.