Opportunities Abound

I wonder if this is how the ship fairing pioneers felt? Or, speaking a little closer to home, Captain Cook and the first fleet?

Everyone’s making big plans to pack up and move shop to the great new underwater nation. Emotions are high, and everything just feels fresh. It’s been so long since anyone discovered a new land, we’ve all forgotten what that’s like…until now. And as an intrepid businessman, I really do have to jump on the opportunity while I can. 

The choice is thus: jump on an industry I KNOW will be useful, or try to innovate? I know for a fact that boat mechanics are going to be super hot news really soon, because let’s be honest, you’re going to need a boat to get out to the new settlement. You could row, or swim…if you’re insane. If you think moving underwater is suddenly going to stop this society from being sedentary, then that’s very optimistic, and also, I have a very lovely bridge to sell you.

Nah, it’s all going to be about outboard motors and anchor winches, mark my words. That’s the guaranteed option, but also the most obvious, and people will be investing in those things already. The boat mechanics around Melbourne are probably already stockpiling for when people start requesting all sorts of customisations, because that’s next.

Oh…boat customisations. That’s a bit niche. I had it in my head to go for something almost unprecedented, with my number one thing being a service that will mind your pet octopus while you have to nip to dry land, but this is WAY better. 

Outboard motor services are going to be humongous, don’t get me wrong, but they’re pretty much covered.

No…I will make my fortune from people who want their boats to be covered in sequins, or have figureheads shaped like Celine Dion. Yeah, those people.