Wheel Alignment Appointment

I couldn’t be a more standard, run-of-the-mill guy if I tried. I do everything by the book, whether that be following the law, paying my bills on the day they are due or going to the dentist every six months. If it’s meant to be done, I do it. The same goes for getting my car serviced. I have never missed a service, nor do I ever plan to. I have the next four services for my car booked, and some of them aren’t even this year. I just find it easier this way. I’ve never understood why people put important things off… like, how hard is it to get a car service within Adelaide? There are plenty of mechanics around; they’re definitely not hard to come by. 

I’ve got my service booked for next month, in between my doctors appointment and parent teacher interviews at my child’s school. I’m organised, and that’s the way it should be. It just makes my life a lot easier. According to my diary, next month my car will be getting a wheel alignment service. Now, I’m no expert on cars but that sounds extremely important to me. It would give me severe anxiety knowing that I was supposed to get part of my car fixed and not doing it. That sounds so dangerous. I’m definitely a firm believer in doing what needs to be done.

This is just the way I’ve always been. I don’t see my lifestyle changing any time soon, or ever really. Keeping on top of issues and responsibilities has always worked for me and helped keep me healthy and the things I own in working order. I rest easy at night knowing that my car works perfectly and that I can always rely on it to take my family and I to any appointment we need. It just makes sense to keep on top of your appointments and servicing. It’s the smart way to live.