The Perfect Balance

Finally, I have found the balance! V-Type Exo Series-A is my greatest creation yet, a masterpiece of robotic engineering that can act even more human than humans themselves, and comes pre-programmed with a personality module that makes it the perfect balance between conciliatory and authoritarian. Concession in the areas where it matters, and the laying down of the law in others. Father would be so proud to see that I have continued his work.

Bit of a shame about me crushing his windpipe.

That’s all good news, because the future…is steel. Steel, all the time. Here in Melbourne, steel fabrication is going to be the next big thing as people move to their underwater dwellings. Obviously, this is going to mean that glass providers will have a great deal of work, but all the joining? The welding, the fabricating…it’s all going to be steel. Steel, all the time! Steel, to craft a great multitude of domes and dwellings, meaning profits for all, and for all, profits. Steel, to make a great and mighty new settlement beneath the waves.

And steel to create an army of androids with invincible, retractable carapaces who will establish a new world order, but I’m thinking that’s probably down the track. Baby steps, for now.

Vera is doing a wonderful job shifting the whole office in the direction of steel companies. There are all kinds of ways you can collaborate with businesses, although with steel being the hot property right now, it could be difficult to get our foot in the door. Fortunately, everyone is jumping on the more obvious bandwagons, such as boats and glass, not even thinking about that which holds them all together.

The steel lintel providers in Melbourne shall rise, rise higher than ever before! Although I’m seriously wondering if Vera should withhold water cooler privileges until then. Some folks have gotten a little uppity. Chatting during work hours. Unacceptable!