The Widest Windows

That pesky bee! Honestly, someone needs to do something about all these pesky bees around the place. I bet bees aren’t even important to the ecological process. We could probably just swat all of those pesky bees, and we’d all be a lot happier. Because they’re just so pesky.  

You know what else I would classify as ‘pesky’? Places that don’t have as many windows as they should. I like to look out at the wonders of nature (besides pesky bees), and sometimes I go to do that and find that I’m looking at a wall instead. When it comes to glass balustrade installation companies, Melbourne has many and they are wonderful. I’ve kept up with them on various shows like Surprise Home Swap and Escape to the Country and my personal favourite publication, Sliding Doors Weekly. I’m also aware that an all-glass house has been tried a few times, and people just couldn’t make it work.

The glass furniture I could do without. I’m not that committed to a theme, and besides, I have no real interest in being able to look through my sofa, except when I’m badly in need of some loose change. No, I just want all the walls to be made of glass. They tried that as well, and the whole house turned into a sauna, without any of the actual fun of a sauna. From House to Greenhouse – that’s what they called the special episode where they made a glass house for that family, with frosting around the most sensitive areas. Maybe the Melbourne glazier people did indeed warn them against such a thing, but the family were bullheaded in their efforts to show their whole life to the public. The act of looking out the window might have been nice, but once the sun came out, they were forced out.

Wide windows are the key. South-facing windows that cover a whole wall, just not the whole house, so you can dodge the sun. No sun, and the windows don’t actually open. That way, you can keep out the pesky bees.