Shelves For Days!

I know for a fact that there’s such thing as laundry renovation companies. Melbourne has several, for sure. And why not? The laundry is a room in your house like any other, and it doesn’t get used nearly as often as it should, so maybe someone needs to do something about that. Mine is about …

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Frost For All!

Let’s NOT get crazy with this whole office tinting craze. Everyone is jumping on the trend like it’s a guaranteed way to triple your profits, but it’s just…well, it’s not that, for one thing. In ten years, when every single office in Melbourne has gotten the strongest tinting possible, and the Great Darkness has fallen …

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The Salute

Driving across the outback is where I feel most comfortable in life. That might seem slightly unfortunate, seeing as I spend the better part of my time working in a community law office in suburban Melbourne, but hey – life isn’t one big peak experience. Besides, it’s not like I’m not comfortable day to day; …

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